How do I Setup My New Computer? Local Account vs. Microsoft Account

Keith Haskin
Keith Haskin
June 10, 2021

How do I Setup My New Computer?

Local Account vs. Microsoft Account

When you get a new computer fresh out of the box you will need to go through the steps to get it setup. Setting up your new computer is a straightforward process.

One of the most important steps is creating your account. When you setup a new Windows computer there are two types of accounts you need to know about – local accounts and Microsoft accounts. Let’s briefly review each type of account so you can determine how you want your new computer setup.

Local account

A local account or offline account does not require an internet connection or email address. You create a custom username and password to login to the computer that is separate from other accounts. A local account is independent of other computers as well.

To create a local account, you need to setup the computer without connecting to the internet or WIFI. During the setup Microsoft will prompt you to connect to a network if you do not have a connection.

By clicking “I don’t have internet” you can continue creating your local account. Be sure to secure your account by entering a password and create security questions just in case you ever forget your password.

Connect To Your Internet Connection
Create Your Local Account Username
Create a Password for your Local Account
Create Account Recovery Questions

Microsoft Account

A Microsoft account is different in that it uses an email address for your computer login. If you have a, or email address then you already have a Microsoft account and can use that to setup the computer. Otherwise, you have the choice to create a new Microsoft account during the setup process. 

Setting up a computer with a Microsoft account requires an internet connection. During the setup when you get to the part to connect to a network, select your network and get connected.

Once you are connected to the internet, you can add your account by typing in your email address and password or create a new email address with Microsoft.

If you are going to be using any of the Microsoft products like Word, Excel or Outlook then you will need a Microsoft account. Also, with a Microsoft account you will have access to more of the features that are not available with a local account such as the Microsoft Store and cloud storage. If you do not want a Microsoft account or are unsure, a local account will meet most of your computer needs.

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