Should I Get The Extended Warranty?

Keith Haskin
Keith Haskin
July 14, 2021

Whenever I buy something, especially electronics, I always get asked if I want an extended warranty.

I used to think I did not need them. It was just an extra cost and will probably never need it anyway. And it always sounds like some kind of upsell technique used to get me to spend more money than I really need.

Then why do they ask?

It sounds crazy that they have to do this, but even the manufacturers know that occasionally, things do not work as planned. I want to talk about computer warranties specifically. Computers are one of those things that merit an extended warranty for a couple of reasons. For starters, they are not cheap. Let’s say you spend $1,300.00 on a laptop. Most laptops come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer but past that it is your responsibility for any parts or labor that may be needed. With an extended warranty, you get a peace of mind knowing that if hardware starts to fail that you have the coverage you need to get the computer fixed with having any hidden costs. Always check your warranty to find out what is and what is not covered.


Another reason to have an extended warranty is the cost involved. Like I mentioned, many times parts and labor are included with most warranties. Without a warranty, you are going have to pay for the parts and labor if any work needs done. Technology problems can be overwhelming and if you do not know how to do this yourself it can get costly very quickly. Also, if the computer is beyond repair, then you will have to buy another one. The cost of an extended warranty is a fraction of the price of a new computer which is why I recommend purchasing extended warranties whether you think you need it or not. As the saying goes, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Making a warranty claim

Personally, I know contacting customer support and making a warranty claim is not easy. First you have to find the support number, email address or online chat support site from the manufacturer. Then you need to provide your contact information. No matter which way you choose there is going to be some waiting so be prepared to spend at least an hour on this process. And then when you are contacted there are a lot of questions involved. The support technician will need to do a thorough diagnostics and sometimes they require an advanced knowledge of computers to answer those questions. While this all sounds like a big hassle, trust me it’s worth it. In the end having a warranty will save you from spending more money than you need to.


Warranties are one of those necessary evils. If things just worked, you do not need the warranty. And if they stop working and you do not have one you are going to regret it. Having an extended warranty is a good thing and I would definitely recommend to anyone purchasing a computer to take advantage of that.

Keith Haskin
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