Stop Throwing Away Your Money!

Greg Fyn
Greg Fyn
July 13, 2021

Let’s throw some $50 bills into the trash!

If your business depends on the Internet to operate, it doesn’t take long for the $50 bills to disappear from your bank account. It’s a crazy thing, and it feels painless because nobody is physically taking them from you or sticking you up, yet the money still keeps going down the drain.

If you think about if you have five employees making $10/hr and they can’t do their work, every hour they can’t, costs you $50. You can figure out your costs by dividing your average payroll by the hour. You may be throwing those “President Grants” away faster! Regardless of your dependence on Internet, this is a good number for any business owner to calculate.  Hourly payroll figures help you make better decisions to evaluate the cost of downtime so you can budget your risk policies. Conversely, the number helps calculate the rewards (ROI) of increased productivity, but I digress!

All of our network bundles include an internet-connected device with failover Internet built into it to solve disappearing cash syndrome. We incorporate what is called a DNA, short for Datto Network Appliance, with every network bundle. It looks a little bit like a blue spaceship. You can consider the DNA to be a “Swiss Army Knife ”of networking. It has a fully functional stateful firewall, intrusion detection and provides Wi-Fi for small office spaces. (More on Wi-Fi in another article.)

Other features are high-performance routing, VPN capability, and enhanced web filtering.

VPNs allow you to access your company network from anywhere you have Internet access, or if you have multiple locations, you can connect your sites.

Web filtering adds additional security that stops threats from getting into your network and communicating them back out. You can also select different types of content you want to block. One of the more common categories that business owners choose to filter out is social media. Timewasters like these can cause you to throw money down the drain.

The DNA gets installed between your ISP modem and your network. One of the most valuable features of this device is that it has built-in 4G failover Internet! Failover comes with these devices at no extra cost. You can choose between AT&T or Verizon cellular service, whichever has the best service in your area. You do not have to have a separate cell contract with these devices. We take care of that.

Like all of the products we provide in our network bundle, our DNA is cloud-managed and provides us with alerts when you have Internet connectivity issues. Another key feature of the products in our network bundle is that, unlike other similar products, the software is updated on them regularly get applied to devices on an automatic schedule. Firmware updates are essential for all networking devices, especially firewalls.

Using many of the competitive products don’t have the “Always Connected” option. Using them can cause you to throw away a ton of money before realizing it’s happening to you. Choose one of our network bundles, and you can experience an Always Connected Internet.

Greg Fyn
With decades of experience, Greg leads the company and it's operations to provide the best experience to Honorbound IT's customers and employees.