Turning It Off And On Again

Greg Fyn
Greg Fyn
July 8, 2021

Turn it on and off, OK?

If you’ve used computer and network equipment, you have probably heard about the 90% fix. Powering on and off fixes most of the random glitches most people have with almost all electronics. It’s a relatively easy thing to restart a computer or printer. Still, most people resetting things like routers and switches in a network closet might make them uncomfortable. Often cables have been carefully placed by your installer, and if they were good installers, they probably took the extra time to secure power cables, so they don’t easily fall out of the socket. Plus, if there are enough wires, it can sometimes be hard to trace them to be sure you are resetting the right equipment.

Any of the equipment in our network bundle probably doesn’t need to be reset very often, but occasionally random things happen, and it’s a necessary thing to do. Most of the resets we find need to are done on the carrier-grade ISP modems. Typically these modems are purchased with a focus on the economy and supportability, and depending on the ISP, they may not be as robust as they should be.

To solve that problem, we added a new product to all of our network bundles. It’s called a Wattbox. The Wattbox looks like a surge protector on steroids, and it is.

The advantage to users is that these power management units have a network connection that allows devices plugged into the Wattbox to have the power reset on any of the outlets individually using our management portal. Installers label the connected equipment in the web portal to reset any or all of the plugs when necessary. The ability to do so might seem like a trivial thing, but it saves customers time, money, and discomfort. The tech doesn’t have to keep you anxiously on the phone while they walk you through the manual process; neither do you have to waste production time while driving over to your site to do a very routine thing.

One little box eliminates all of this, and if it’s a rare occasion and you have to reset the power on your network stack, the Wattbox has a bright orange illuminated power switch. It’s easy to help you locate because the Wattbox has a distinctive black and orange coloring. If you would rather keep out of the networking equipment entirely, a tiny $30 piece called a momentary trigger is an option. It looks like a doorbell, and we all know how to work one of those!

Another great benefit is that we can schedule reboots for devices. I hate to pick on ISP modems, but they have made themselves an easy target. If you want your modem or any other devices reset at say 2 AM everyday, we can configure that for you.

Wattbox devices come in many sizes and form factors.

You can choose from 2 to 18 outlet models. The most common one we sell with our network bundles is the five outlet unit I’ve pictured above, but some are wall-mounted or vertically mountable inside a full-sized network rack.

Networking, even in its tiniest details, can be a pain! You can have freedom from stress by installing a well-engineered network stack that includes a Wattbox.

Greg Fyn
With decades of experience, Greg leads the company and it's operations to provide the best experience to Honorbound IT's customers and employees.