Backup & Continuity

Disasters are not a case of if; but when. Is your business prepared if your systems fail, are damaged, get corrupted or hit with ransomware?

Three questions to ask yourself about backup and continuity...

It's fairly easy to figure out the value of physical assets and we often attach more importance to them than the intangible. The tools, equipment, buildings and other resources are certainly important; but your digital assets are equally important. Often the invisible nature of data means it gets undervalued until access to it gets interrupted. For some businesses their data may out-value anything else they own.

How long can I afford to be without my business system before it hurts?

As cliche as it may sound "Time is money." Your business depends on being able to run transactions, provide customer service and pursue sales opportunities.

RTO is the measurement used to evaluate what your expectation is for returning to operations after an IT disaster. Some companies can't do without access to their business systems, firms have more lee-way.

How much data can I afford to lose?

Every bit of company data has a dollar value on it. Some data is more valuable than others. How rapidly does your information change? How much impact does each piece of data have on your business and how much would it cost you in re-creation, data re-entry or if lost forever?

RPO is the measurement for what you think your recovery point objective should be. Essentially it's the time between back-ups.

What will happen to my reputation?

Any time your business systems are interrupted, particularly those that are customer facing, your reputation takes a hit. Employees also like to be able to do their jobs without having to hassle with IT problems.

Backup and Continuity Isn't just about Data

For some businesses, staying in business is dependent on Internet. For some, business actually stops! How do you deal with that if your ISP goes down?

Have a plan that makes sense...

Have us put together a backup plan that makes sense. We'll evaluate the impact of down-time and help you choose a backup and continuity plan that makes sense for your business. It's not an's a when you'll need to lean on your back-up and continuity plan. Have a regularly tested strategy in place. It's a terrible thing to find out that your plan doesn't work when you need it the most.

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