Data Management

Managing where your company data lives.

Storage.....where do I keep my "stuff?"

There are more places to keep your digital assets than ever before. Each has its place. This might range from cloud storage such as OneDrive, a local network storage device or perhaps a server that's on your property or in the cloud. Each has its own pros and cons and many businesses use a hybrid mix of different types of storage depending on the use case. The problem that can arise with having so many easily implemented storage places is that it can be very easy for information to get isolated in different places and inaccessible to the people who need it. Careful policy and planning can help reduce this problem.

Applications, where should they run?

Just having the information isn't enough. In most cases your business will need to be able to work with data, generate content or consume information needed to run the business. This often generates the question of what programs to use, should they run on my computer, from a server or whether you would be better off using an application hosted in the cloud.

Can you put your finger on it?

Can you easily find the information that you need? Is it organized in a way everyone in your organization can find what they need to do their jobs? Do you have a strategy so that what is obsolete gets archived? An organized plan for data hygiene is a great way to avoid wasting time having to hunt around.

Who should have access to what?

If you're like most businesses you'll have data that you probably don't want to be public.HR, legal and intellectual property are a few examples. Most of the clients we on-board have grown their data-set "organically" and don't have any formal policy for handling their information.This opens your business up to the threat of having stuff that is for your eyes only exposed to everyone in the company and worse yet, if a hacker gets hold of your system, your secrets could be exposed to the world.

Our Asset Management Services...

HonorBound IT will help you get started by working with you to create policy, classify your information for security and build the structure that supports your business.

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