Email & Communications

The ability to effectively send and receive messages e-mail, voice and video are critical resources for any business. Get the most out or your investment in communications....

Email friend or foe? Or a little bit of both?

How do you get the most out of the time you spend on processing e-mail? Do you wade through tons of useless materials to find what you need?

Sorting through spam is a huge time waster.

Each e-mail you send or receive has a dollar value attached to it. What is your time worth and do you have the tools to reduce the amount of time you spend on deleting messages that have no return on your time investment?

Aside from the obvious problem of spam, e-mail processing is done in such a way that we work harder on e-mail than we should. If you have a giant inbox or folders and sub-folders of sorted e-mails you're using your e-mail as a database instead of what it's intended for. There are better ways.

Are you spending too much on telephone expenses?

Costs for telephone service adds up quickly...and often it's an expense that crops up silently.

You can slash your telephone expense by up to 80%!

Traditional phone lines are expensive. Save money by switching to Voice over IP. If you have a stable Internet connection, you can get virtual PBX that is feature rich at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.

Many hands make light work with modern Collaboration Tools...

Build a better work environment by keeping everyone on the same page.

Private Chat, Video and File Sharing are valuable tools that are often an overlooked capability you might already be paying for in one of your Office subscriptions!

When was the last time you evaluated your e-mail and communications? Are you leaving money on the table?

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