Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Technology Planning for Small Business.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

If you're like most businesses, you don't buy technology for technology's sake. You make investments because they support your core purpose as a business. You also compete with other businesses in your space and need to make sure you are able to out-perform your competitors.

This is the main reason to have a plan to decide what your technology should do for you so you aren't making costly decisions when you "pull the trigger" on a purchasing decision. Technology budget is needs to be considered and weighed against what you expect for return on investment.

Other considerations might be: Will you and your people be able to use the products and services you're purchasing and how will using your IT assets integrate with your daily workflow? Once systems are in place what is it going to take to keep things going and finally when is it time to upgrade systems or retire them?

You may also ask how to keep track of all of your IT assets. You'll want to know what you have, who is using it, for what purpose, plus the age and condition of your systems.

This entails figuring out where you are now as a starting point, and the where and how you will approach how technology is applied to your business moving forward.Pulling all of the information together from both a technical and business perspective is a daunting task if you've not done it before...Odds are if you DIY, you'll miss key elements that should be considered before you build your plan.

Have us pull all of what you need to take the guess-work out of Asset Management by choosing us to do it for you....

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