Networking is one of those things that most of us take for granted until it doesn't work. It's like the foundation of a home, hidden from sight and once constructed get's forgotten about unless it cracks or leaks....

Why is having a well built network important?

A well implemented network is essential for delivering a good quality computing experience for your users. Without it you might experience spotty Internet service, slow access to files, degraded ability to run shared applications to do work just to name a few. This can seriously hamper a businesses productivity and profitability.

Bad networks often go undiagnosed.

When asked why an investment in networking needs to be made the most common comment we get is,         "What we have works, why should I spend money on testing something that works already?"

Users may be accustomed to bad performance because it's the only experience they know. It's their "normal" even though it's really not. Our IT professional will test and identify whether your current network is configured and implemented properly.

Networks need to match business requirements.

Why should networking be important to you as it relates to your operations?

Every business is different. Some are more dependent on services such as having reliable access to Internet services such as credit card processing and placing orders online with vendors. Some businesses can go without using the Internet for days at a time. Engineering firms need super fast access to gigantic drawings, whereas an educational institution might only need access to some small documents. Networks should be purpose built and engineered to match what your company is trying to get accomplished.

If you're trying to DIY your network, bad decisions are easy to make.

Why should you consider professional help?

When we started to work for some of our best customers, many of them have asked this same question. It doesn't make sense to do it yourself when you are most valuable to your company's mission. An IT professional knows all of the nuances of making your network work for you and help you avoid the "rookie" mistakes they have probably already made.

Reliability is Key.

Unreliable networks are a pain. What are some of the common causes for network Interruptions?

Here are a few common things we find that are visible to the naked eye:

  • Unreliable Internet Service
  • Equipment that was not built for commercial use
  • Devices that have "aged out"
  • Bad cabling
  • Switches that are chained together inappropriately

Some causes are less apparent. Many times even a simple misconfiguration can wreak havoc on your network. Finding the root cause often requires the assistance of a skilled IP Professional.

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