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Your farm is a lifestyle, but it’s also a business. Being out in the field or caring for animals is much more fulfilling than sitting in front of a computer doing books, right? Unfortunately, today using technology is necessary to keep accurate books, communicate with your suppliers and perhaps search for that crazy part you can’t seem to find locally.

Most IT providers don’t take farmers as seriously as they should. Often farm family operations are small, and these companies don’t find farm accounts attractive. As a result, farmers don’t get the support they need to take advantage of technology. They also don’t get the support they deserve or the security solutions they need to protect themselves or even know how threats from the Internet can hurt their business.

We’re different. We live in a farm country and understand how agriculture works.  Let us help you with the basic support that every business needs, without breaking your bank account.

Farming & agriculture

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Sometimes it takes quite a bit of farm ground to make ends meet. We see that often our clients have ground in several different counties and their family is all over the country working the ground. It’s often difficult to keep everyone on the same page. We have helped families like yours work together without misunderstandings that can happen when business is done over the phone. We can simplify your life and perhaps help your farm be more productive with simple technologies that don’t require you to be an IT expert.

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