Expect a stable consistent result every time.

The first time we meet with you is usually because "something hurts." Something is broken or you've finally had it with doing it yourself or worse yet, your IT service provider doesn't seem to be able to things right.

Step One: Discovery

We'll arrange for a technician to come out to do what we call a limited discovery. This is a 3 hour paid block of time to attempt to fix a problem that is plaguing you right now. If within that 3 hour block we can solve your problem great! If not we will come back to you with a corrective action plan. We won't put band-aids on your problem or stick a solution together with baler twine and duct tape. Our engineers will get to the root of your problem as efficiently as possible so that you can go back to business.

Step Two: Assessment

A few days later our Sales Engineer will call you to offer you what we call a full discovery. This discovery is conducted by one of our Sales Engineers and a Field Engineer. The Field engineer with examine and assess the "nuts and bolts" of your IT. The Sales Engineer spends time with you as an owner and your key people to root out how IT problems past and present have affected your business.

Step Three: Reporting

We build a report that you can use to make educated decisions about your IT as it relates to your business's well-being. This report can be delivered one of two ways. If you just want the facts and would like the report as a frame of reference the cost for that service is $2495. There is a second, and more popular way you can obtain this information is free of charge, if we can spend 30-60 minutes with the owner and key players.

Step Four: Agreement

If you like what we offer you in the meeting in step three, we'll get contracts signed and start performing the onboarding process.

Step Five: Orientation

We want you to get the best value from your agreements with us. To do so there is a brief orientation for owners and end users so that everyone can use the ticketing system and know how to get the services we have promised to you.

Step Six: Ongoing Service

Technicians respond to your requests and any alerts they get if your system reports a problem. Finally, your Sales Engineer with meet with you on regular intervals to make sure that we assess any changes to your way of doing business so long term planning happens at least once a quarter. Quarterly business meetings are included in all of our agreements.