In-Store Repair Service

We are here to help with many of issues that can happen to your computer. From running slow to an unknown pop-up appearing on screen we can help get your computer back to it's top performance and give you the peace of mind it was done right.

Top In-Store Offerings:

  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Hardware Installation / Replacement
  • Windows Re-installation
  • Virus / Malware Remove
  • Data Transfer
  • Software Installation
  • many more services available!

Proactive Service

You don't have to wait until a problem happens, but prevent it from happening in the first place!

Introducing our residential service!

Finally a business class IT service that is available to the home user. Sign your computer up for our Honorbound Protection Program and you'll receive these features!


  • Remote Monitoring & Automated Maintenance (windows updates, scans, etc.)
  • Managed Antivirus & Web Protection
  • Cloud Backup
  • In-Store & Remote Support for Covered Issues

Have your own "IT Department" for your home computer!

PRICE: $300.00/year per workstation