Our core values separate us from the "pack"...

There are more than 40,000 Managed Services Providers in the US. The biggest question we have asked ourselves is why would our customers choose us over all others? That's a very valid question and for most providers, if asked they either won't have an answer or will reply with a laundry list of features or products they use and what they do....which we like to call the "permissions to play."

Everyone in the industry uses some sort of system to monitor, keep track of service tickets, deliver anti-virus and backup to name a few of the elements that make up those "permissions to play." Unlike many of our competitors our focus isn't on the "stuff in our service tools." Our focus is on what matters to you as a business owner. IT spending is never done for spending's sake. For a business to thrive in this competitive marketplace, technology spending needs to be tied to what it enables businesses to do for their customers.

Nobody cares that we have been around since 1999; that we have a ton of experience and have the nicest toys. Most business owners just want to know what value we add to their business that will drive them forward.

These are Our Core Values:

Stability & Consistency

Everyone likes to know what to expect from any given situation whether that be from a customer service experience or a technical perspective. Our customers want to know that when they unlock the door to their office and sit down to work that their equipment just plain works. Many in our industry will take shortcuts or place band-aids on IT problems instead of dealing with the root causes that cause chaos. We've decided to choose a specific stack of products and services that are reliable and serviceable.

Growth & Wins For Everyone

We look for customers who want to grow with us. By that we mean we want our customers to get fair value for the services we offer. The decisions we make with you as it relates to your IT need to support our first core value: Stability and Consistency. Anyone can undersell; but there is no such thing as a free lunch...If it's too cheap, you know something elements of what you would expect have been taken out of the offer. Conversely often business owners can be over-sold and end up with features they don't need or want. Our approach is to be at the "sweet spot" of center, recommending what is appropriate for your business.

Commitment to Long Term Relationships

Getting the most value from an IT provider doesn't necessarily happen overnight. Whoever you choose needs to be a good "fit" for you, and vice-versa, we look for clients that fit well for us. This is the very reason that our sales and marketing approach is the way that it is. Nobody wants to make a commitment on a "first date." Our approach is to spend time getting to know more about your business as it relates to technology in a very unique way to help us decide together whether we are good for each other.

Excellence in Customer Service

Everyone says they have wonderful customer service....that they are the most responsive and resolve all problems in no time at all... We're not going to tell you that. What we've invested heavily in systems and training to support the people who deliver services to our clients.We'll continue to do so to constantly improve the service levels we provide to our customers. After all, we are in the service business. If you give us a try, you'll get more than "lip-service," you'll get a team that "has your back!"