“IT is not about having the latest technology. IT is about building what works for you! ”

Greg Fyn, CEO
We work with clients across many industries. We found some of our prospective clients were not getting enough value for their IT spend. Many were using a meager 20% of what they were paying for. It was simple - most of these companies were doing IT wrong! 

To avoid throwing money away, and unintentionally limiting your growth, you need an IT partner like Honorbound IT that can help you make sense of your capabilities and know what is possible to drive your business forward! 

The bottom line is that for most of our clients IT is not their focus. They just want what will work for them without overcomplicating things. Our approach is to be straightforward and plain dealing because we are not addicted to complex things either!

Always present and ready to help you grow! 

Dynamic IT services

While most IT partners deliver a reactive approach to fix problems that have already done the damage, we help you plan and act several steps ahead! We inform you of potential system weaknesses and provide IT solutions that prepare you for the future!

Personal touch at every level

Even state-of-the-art IT tools will collect dust on your digital shelves if you do not have a good fit! 
We ensure that every piece of technology is tailored to your needs and seamlessly complements your business operations! 

"We translate your business needs into top-of-the-line IT Solutions!"

Keith Haskin, VP of Operations
Our  Mission

IT can work wonders for any business! 

We believe you deserve simple and reliable technologies that support what you do best!

We have intentionally chosen to help the smaller businesses and communities that don't get the attention that they deserve from our industry, because of their size.

Our budget friendly packages can make a big difference in your business too.

Meet Our IT Masters

Leverage our extensive IT experience to your advantage!

Greg Fyn
Keith Haskin
VP of Operations
Tara McCarty
VP of Finance
Jennifer Hall

Here is how we can transform your business! 

Our methodologies and tools helped us create a system that accommodates businesses of all shapes and sizes!