We don't like surprises, you should know how much stuff will cost and what you get for you money!

How much will it cost?

The #1 question we get asked each and every time we talk with a customer is "How much will it cost?"  We believe that to build a long lasting relationship with a customer and to exceed their expectations we need to be as transparent as possible with our pricing structure.

Flat Rate Service & Support

Why can't the price, just be the price?

The IT business has a problem, a customer will need some service and after being told that a "IT professional" can fix your issue in no time, the whole situation balloons into more time, more products needing purchased, and ultimately more and most costs.  In the past, we were just a guilty of this as others.  Jumping head first into a problem without properly accessing the whole situation, billing on an hourly rate with no defined end, and installing an ad hoc series of hardware & software to get the customer up and going for now, but not designed for the future.

All of our services from the one-time discovery to the fully managed ITaaS department services are pre-designed to give consistent results at a set price for the scope of work purchased.  Have confidence going in from the beginning of what you purchasing, that it will be installed and configured properly the first time, a support team that stand by all of their work, all at a price that won't come with surprises.

Included in each section of the prices page is a Sample PDF for each of our services.

For Residential Services including our Honorbound Protection Program - Click Here

Professional Services

When you need a trained and knowledge IT professional, Honorbound IT is available to assist you.  For IT related requests including:

  • Technology Consultation
  • Technology Solution Design & Development
  • Project Implementation & Management
  • Proof of Concept Lab Testing
  • Vendor Management
  • IT Budgeting Assistance
  • IT Training
  • & More!

Professional Services Hour Blocks

1-Hour Block - $150.00

3-Hour Block - $395.00

10-Hour Block - $1250.00

[Sample Service Block PDF]

Monthly Block Contracts

When our IT-as-a-Service isn't the right fit for your business, but you still need consistent and dependable access to Honorbound IT's professional service department and block agreement could be the perfect answer!All contract agreements are flexible, scalable, and priced at a reduced rate compared to our ala carte professional service block purchases.


Like a Doctor who doesn't know anything about his patient until he sees results from x-ray, scanners, blood work, etc.  We need to find out the state of your network and how it's constructed.  We use our discovery process to accomplish this.

Limited Discovery - $295.00

When a problem happens and you need it fixed quickly and correctly, our limited discovery is a great solution to attempt to identify the root problem, and find a solution that will be the long term fix.


  • 3-hour Service Block (On-Site or Remote Support Available)
  • Diagnostic checklists specific to issue type to access full scope of the issue.
  • Corrective technical support service.
  • Documentation.
  • If the issue is not able to be resolved within the 3-hour service block, a correct action plan will be presented to you, with detailed recommendation from the Honorbound IT service team.

[Sample Limited Discovery Quote PDF]

Full Discovery - Starting at $2000.00 (per location)

An extensive audit of an organizations technology state.  Honorbound IT's engineers will perform a large measure of diagnostic scans and inspections and create detailed report.  After the report's creation, an Honorbound IT service engineer will sit down with you to review the findings and answer questions.


  • Networking
  • Asset Logging
  • Data Audit
  • Backup Review
  • Communications Audit
  • Security & Compliance review
  • 2-hour Professional Review Meeting

[Sample Full Discovery Quote PDF]

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