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At Honorbound IT, we care about providing a complete IT package that addresses your tech limitations and lets you leap over them without a hassle.

We offer comprehensive cybersecurity, real-time support, and maintenance packages that eliminate your pressing IT issues and help you grow effortlessly.

Top-tier security

Security on a shoestring

Other IT consultants may tell you that enterprise level IT security is a luxury only for those with colossal budgets.

We disrupt the market with our cyber-security software package. You can have enterprise security on a small business budget. Honorbound IT will secure your data and give you peace of mind.
Multi-functional cyber defense

IT Toolkit

Our IT toolkit includes all of the security features Security on a Shoestring. The toolkit also includes Microsoft 365 which requires additional security measures. A little known fact is that Microsoft does not do any backups for Microsoft 365.

We provide the backup you need for Microsoft 365 and configure your security as part of our service.

To enhance your protection each Microsoft 365 account

Build a secure environment for your IT ecosystem
Detect and prevent cyber risks.
Optimize your cybersecurity costs
Receive a perfect toolkit for your security needs
Real-time security

IT as a service

Does your business require undivided attention? Do you struggle to find time and energy to manage cybersecurity? We can take that off your hands!

Honorbound IT's security as a service offer will liberate you from security management duties altogether! Now, you can safely dedicate time to your business growth and let us handle cybersecurity!

Forget the hassle of micromanaging your IT security
Uninterrupted monitoring, management and analytics of your data stack security.
Complete cybersecurity management.
Receive all necessary updates and new cybersecurity features
Residential Security

Protection Program

Nothing gives peace of mind like knowing that you have antivirus, malware protection, daily backup and remote support from someone you trust! At Honorbound IT, we have given you everything you need to stay safe from hackers that prey on home users. We designed this low-cost program because we got tired of seeing people get ripped off by fake tech support scams!

Don't be a victim! Sign up today.
Save time, most support calls can be done remotely. As long as your computer can get to the Internet.
Have Peace of Mind. Your computers are monitored for viruses and spyware and your systems get automatically optimized for the best performance.
Quality PC and equipment repairs

Walk-in PC repairs

While remote IT services can save you a fortune, you can not fix every problem with digital wizardry.

Whenever your PCs break down and require a physical repair, Honorbound IT's experts will swiftly  provide comprehensive repair services! Moreover, our experienced specialists will provide insights and guidance on how to prevent future breakdowns and manage your PC better! 

Lightning-fast PC repairs and maintenance
Latest PC maintenance insights and guidance
Maximize your PC value
Reduce downtime due to equipment breakdowns

"Honorbound IT has always done a fantastic job for us"

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"You stepped up when we were in the middle of a possible disaster and pulled us out of the fire."
Cindie K
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