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Honorbound IT provides services for small businesses in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. We also serve the residents of McCook, Nebraska and the surrounding area.

We offer comprehensive cybersecurity, real-time support, data backup, and maintenance packages.

Top-Tier Security for Small Business

Security on a Shoestring

Other IT consultants may tell you that enterprise level IT security is a luxury only for those with huge budgets.

We are disrupting the market with Security on a Shoestring. You can have enterprise security and support on a small business budget. Honorbound IT will secure your data and give you peace of mind.

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Business Tools and Cybersecurity

IT Toolkit

Our IT Toolkit includes all of the security features included in Security on a Shoestring. The toolkit comes with Microsoft 365 Business Premium licensing, which includes additional security measures that need to be properly configured. We take care of it for you.

Additionally, you get the backup you need for Microsoft 365.

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Build a secure environment for your IT ecosystem
Detect and prevent cyber risks.
Optimize your operating costs.
Receive a perfect toolkit for your productivity and security needs.
Hire us to be your IT Department

IT as a Service

Does your business require undivided attention? Do you struggle to find time and energy to manage your technology? We can take that off your hands!

Our IT as a Service offer will free you from IT management duties altogether! Now, you can safely dedicate time to your business growth and let us handle your IT operations as your fractional CIO!

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Forget the hassle of micromanaging your IT security
Uninterrupted monitoring, management, and analytics of your data stack security.
Complete cybersecurity management.
Receive all necessary updates and new cybersecurity features
Support for Residential Clients

Residential Protection Plan

Nothing gives peace of mind like knowing that you have antivirus, malware protection, daily backup, and remote support from someone you trust! At Honorbound IT, we have given you everything you need to stay safe from hackers that prey on home users. We designed this low-cost program because we got tired of seeing people getting taken advantage of by fake tech support scams!

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Save time. Most support calls can be done remotely, as long as your computer can get to the Internet.
Have peace of mind. Your computers are monitored for viruses and spyware and your systems get automatically optimized for the best performance.
Quality PC and Equipment Repairs

Walk-in PC Repairs

While remote IT services are convenient, you cannot fix every problem without a trip to the repair bench.

Whenever your PCs break down and requires a physical repair, Honorbound IT's experts will swiftly provide comprehensive repair services!

We have a process that has been proven to be effective. Up front pricing and advice is provided.

Our goal is to finish repairs in 2 business days or less.
If something is not worth repairing we'll tell you up front.
Maximize your PC value
Get your PC fixed right the first time
Simple and Affordable Safety Net

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Over half of data breaches involve human elements, such as phishing attacks or social engineering. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), 60% of small and medium-sized businesses that experience a cyber-attack go out of business within six months.

You must protect your organization’s private data and the personally identifiable information of your clients and employees to avoid becoming one of these statistics.

We offer weekly cybersecurity awareness training so you and your staff can keep up with the latest online risks by learning how to recognize phishing emails, scams, and other cyber threats.

With our Cybersecurity Toolkit, you get access to policies you can use for your business to stay secure and compliant.

Stay ahead of cybercriminals.
Build policies that fits your business.
Professional help is available.
How does this work?
Security Risk Assessment.
Weekly 3min. micro-training.
Monitor employee involvement.

"Honorbound IT has always done a fantastic job for us"

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"You stepped up when we were in the middle of a big disaster and pulled us out of the fire."
Cindie K. Agriculture
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