Rural Municipalities

Municipalities have been hit hard by ransomware attackers. Hackers prey on small town America because they are more likely to pay up for their data.

It is extremely frustrating. There is no way around using technology; but sometimes by virtue of being small, IT companies don't seem to have much interest in providing support.

We are different. We prefer small. We want to help you protect your ability to serve the public and to protect their data.

Keeping it affordable

Low Cost and Effective

There is no need to deprive your town of all the tools it needs to be productive, safe, and successful in its mission to serve.

First class tools do not need to be expensive or so complex that they are out of reach. Access to IT support shouldn't get in the way.

We love small town America; we live and work in a small town. Not everyone has ready access to local talent. That's where we can step in and help.

Isn't it easier to discuss this over a call?
More efficient, too.