3 Tech Tips to help You become a better Business Owner

By: Honorbound IT Team

3 Tech Tips to help You become a better Business Owner

There is no doubt about it, business can be tough! You are juggling employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders…the list is endless. You are working in a competitive, high-tech world that keeps trying to speed ahead without you. It is no wonder you are craving ways to get ahead of the competition. You want to cut costs, boost productivity and dream of a vacation. Here are 3 tech tips that will make your life easier – and get you closer to that ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug.

Have a Written Information Security Policy.

Set clear expectations of how to handle your data. Your employees must know how to follow any regulations your business must follow, how you want your company information protected and how to respond to cyberthreats.

Do not Cheap out on Technology.

Technology is becoming the backbone of most businesses. Yet we still see people who try and get by with the lowest investment and maintenance. By ‘see people,’ we mean they are our most frequent repair and data recovery clients.

When you take shortcuts with your tech, you will always get higher failure rates. More downtime, and employees who cannot do their job even though you are still paying them by the hour. When businesses keep old tech longer than they should, they usually end up paying more in the long term.

Embrace the Cloud.

Many of your existing software packages have a cloud version. They allow many people to access it at once. They also give added backup and synchronization benefits. Your entire team can view the same reports without needing to send out separate copies.

Cloud technology is also perfect for note taking and collaboration. Using software like OneNote or OneDrive. You and your employees can think of ideas while mobile. Make a few notes on a mobile device and have it all synchronized to your desktop when you need it. You can even scan in paperwork and have your entire filing cabinet in your pocket.

Your business tech can unlock many possibilities. They will make your days run smoother, more profitable and put you ahead of the competition. Ready?

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