Are You Due? What to Do When You Get a Renewal Notice?

By: Honorbound IT Team

Are You Due? What to Do When You Get a Renewal Notice?

Your business relies on several internet-based providers. You may have arranged many products or services that must be renewed annually. They may include

  • domain name registrations
  • website hosting accounts
  • data backup services
  • software license subscriptions

That is just for starters. So, when a renewal notice comes in, what are you doing with it?  Simply filing them away might not be the best solution to handling renewal notices.  

First, when you get a renewal notice, you should confirm that it is legitimate. This is especially true of domain names. Your business’s domain name and end date are available to the public online. Anyone could look them up and send you an invoice. Scammers do it after checking for expiring domain names. They send out emails or convincing physical notices telling you it is time to renew. They are not doing this as a civic service! Make sure you make payments only to the register your domain is registered with.

Unscrupulous vendors may be trying to get you to switch your domain services to a competitor. Worse, if it is not an unscrupulous vendor, it may be a scammer, and they are hoping you will pay your renewal fee to their account. They just take your money and do not have any connection to your domain. Look out for the following indicators that might be signs of fraud: 

  • The price is much more than you would expect. 
  • The deadline is within seven days. 
  • You do not know the business name. 
  • This business has never contacted you before. 
  • The notice requires you to send a check. 

Managing Authentic Renewal Notices

Once you have determined the authenticity of the renewal notice, you will want to take stock. Putting your licenses or other online services on auto-renewal plans can be easier. But it may not be cost effective.  

Before renewing your plan consider: 

  • Are you still using this service? 
  • Do you still need it? 
  • Do your current needs meet your current plan? 
  • Should you upgrade or downsize? 

You might also contact your provider and ask: 

  • Is there a better product available now? 
  • Are you eligible for a loyalty discount? 
  • Can you save money by going with a longer-term commitment?

The company you are dealing with wants to keep your business (hence, the renewal notice). This can give you some leverage in negotiating what you are paying or what service you are getting. You could treat an annual renewal notice as an opportunity to renegotiate terms. It is not always going to work, but it can be worth a phone call as you try to keep business expenses under control. 

Pay attention to any deadlines on the renewal notification. You will always get a renewal notice for a domain name. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), requires companies to send reminders. You will get a notice one month and one week before your domain name expires. Do not leave your renewal to the last minute. With expired domain names, you can lose access to your domain and then things like websites and e-mail addresses quit working!  

Options and fees for renewing domain names, including expired ones, are going to vary. Be sure you know what your subscription involves. 

As a final word of warning, there are bad actors out there who check domain expirations to buy them up at bargain prices. Then, when you notice the subscription has lapsed, you must pay a king’s ransom to get the web address back. Yes, it can happen to you. We have seen it happen.

A managed service provider watches your license and domain end dates to ensure your business is current. At the same time, the MSP can decide what plans best suit your business needs. 

Give us a call at 877-686-6642 to enjoy the peace of mind a managed service provider brings!

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