5 Reasons Your Business Is Ready for a Professional Network

By: Honorbound IT Team

5 Reasons Your Business Is Ready for a Professional Network

Way to go! Your business has grown, and you have been adding new workers and computers along the way. Now that you are sure everything is on track to succeed, it is time to increase your network to a powerful, scalable setup.

Why? Here are the top 5 reasons to call in the networking professionals today:

  1. Speed: Time spent waiting for a large file to transfer person-to-person or across a slow system is torture. As a small business this lost time was insignificant, but as your business has grown, so has transfer time. While it may only be 5 minutes a day to start, with 260 workdays in a year, that 5 minutes a day turns into 21 hours. It all adds up. The impact of this lost time reaches well beyond the time taken to pass a flash drive around the office or download from the internet. It is a break in workflow and concentration that can almost double the time waiting.
  1. Efficiency: Every business requires employees to share digital files. You may have gotten by with a simple setup and minimal security. As your workforce has grown, so has your network load. Each computer, storage drive, and device add more demand to your network. This results in slower transfers, errors, waiting time, and faster hardware failure. A professional network will give you a central file storage location, with auto-saving and backups. No more losing hours of effort or file corruption, with a secure server with smooth and efficient transfers.
  1. Collaboration: Employees often need to work together on the same documents. Before, this required you to take turns, waiting until others finished before the file was available. With a modern network setup, collaboration becomes a profitable way to work. Employees do not need to be in the same physical location.
  1. Confidentiality: Every business has a few secrets. Whether they are trade or accounting data, you need complete control over who sees what.  Your network professional will be able to provide a setup that meets your business’ confidentiality needs. You will have the CEO able to see everything. Sales staff can only see sales data, and accounting staff can only see accounts. Set your access by name, department, or role; or go further and demand passwords for certain folders.
  1. Flexibility: Expand your wireless networking for employees in the building. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for those working at home. Have docking ports for those who switch between locations. A professional network setup will support the way your business works, both now and as you continue to grow.

Your business’s ability to share, store, and transfer files will be key contributors to continued growth. The speed, efficiency, and flexibility of processes will save you time, money, and frustration. It is time to celebrate how far your business has come by looking to the future. With a powerful, scalable network that supports you.

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