Protect Your Home from Technology Fire Risk

By: Honorbound IT Team

Protect Your Home from Technology Fire Risk

You love your technology and have a lot of it at home. You might not think of computers, smartphones, printers, or routers as a fire risk, but they can do real damage.

Microwaves, laundry machines, and air conditioners are the top sources of residential fires. Computer equipment is also responsible for fires that can injure or kill homeowners.

So, what should you do? Keep in mind that your technology generates heat when you turn it on. That is why manufacturers put venting in some systems so heat can dissipate if a device overheats.  

Desktop computers have fans to push out the air, but they can get clogged or blocked with dust or pet hair.  Sometimes we see desktop computers pushed up against a wall or stashed in an enclosed area. At other times we have seen paper and other flammable items bunched up around a machine restricting the airflow.  

Laptops can also overheat. People often sit with their laptops on their lap, or on a blanket or pillow. If you are blocking the device’s exhaust port, the laptop cannot cool down properly.

Your precious technology could overheat and cause a fire. It can also stop working how you expect it to because it must work harder all the time.

Other Tech-Related Fire Threats

A rat’s nest of cables is a fire risk. You should always try to avoid overloading your circuits. You can also upgrade your electrical wiring or go with extension cords that are designed for the load you are putting on the circuit.

Charging cords and overheated batteries are another issue. Airlines ban certain smartphones because they have combusted. You can prevent charger and battery damage by choosing brand-name items. Third-party chargers can save money, but they lack safety features and may not be Underwriter’s Lab rated (UL). If your charger sets your room on fire, your cost savings go up in flames. If a device is not UL rated your fire insurance may not cover your losses.

Finally, plan to get your computer cleaned annually. You might do this yourself, but many people prefer to hire a technology company for help. A can of compressed air can make a world of difference.

Whether it is computer cleaning, setting up safe wiring, or a UPS, we can help protect your home. Contact us at 877-686-6642 today about fire prevention technology!

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