The Exact Technologies Holding Your Business Back in 2024

By: Honorbound IT Team

The Exact Technologies Holding Your Business Back in 2024

In this short blog, we will review the exact technologies that have the largest negative impact on the productivity of a business.

Emailing documents internally

There is no better way to ensure duplicate files and have users working off old files than emailing documents internally. The data needs to stay in one shared location, whether that be a file server or SharePoint. If the latter, the active file can be worked on by any user (with access) at any time and revisions are saved! If you get nothing else from this blog, it is to make sure your team is not emailing documents internally.

On-premises phone systems

Having a giant phone system onsite is becoming rarer, but we still bump into it all the time. With the advent of internet phone systems that come with you wherever you are, on-premises phone systems are a dying breed. It is like deciding between a horse carriage and a sports car, but they both cost the same amount…

Inadequate internet speed (upload specifically)

Too many businesses are operating on a 50/5 or 100/10 internet speed. The first number is the download speed, and the second number is the upload speed. Anytime something is downloading from the internet – it is the first number. Anytime you are uploading something (video calls for instance) – it is the second number. Nowadays, the upload speed is more important than ever and too many businesses are limping along on inadequate speeds. We can provide a full list of all internet options for your location if you want to see how you can fix this today.

Computers over 5 years old

The investment in a new computer may seem scary, especially as it creeps into the $1,300-$2,000 range. Many businesses stick with the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” methodology. Unfortunately, that does not work with old computers. Users are being slowed down, maintenance costs go up, security issues become present, and the perception is a killer. ROI on a new computer can be as quick as 6 months for a computer than can last another 5 years!

No Multi-Factor Authentication with Trusted Sites

Businesses not having Multi-Factor Authentication turned on are asking for trouble. That is when you must put in an additional code to log in to your Microsoft 365 or other app (you know that thing your bank always does when you want to get into your sensitive information).

Well, here is a little secret. You can add your physical locations as “trusted sites.” This virtually eliminates the need to put that code in without sacrificing the benefits of having MFA turned on! It is impressive and our clients love us for it.

Paying for Microsoft 365 and only using it for Office products and email

For the finale, we need to talk about the largest infraction: investing in Microsoft 365, but only using it for Office products and email…

Your Microsoft 365 subscription comes with 20+ incredible applications that can be substituted for products you are paying for elsewhere. An example is Bookings. Many businesses use the Bookings tool and get rid of paying a separate subscription for Calendly.

That is just the beginning though. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about how we help businesses get the most out of their subscriptions!


I am sure you are not guilty of any of these. However, if you are still reading, you might need help with a few. We are the local technology experts and can help you make your technology work for you, instead of against you.

What do you think? Are there any others that you can think of that I left off the list?

Give our team a call at 877-686-6642 and let us talk about it.

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