De-Tangling Webs of Wires

Greg Fyn
Greg Fyn
June 28, 2021

Some of us get excited about the appearance of well-laid-out cables in a data center in the IT world.

We have a name for it. It’s called cable porn!

Yes, geeks do get off on weird things, but why should you have structured cabling for your business, and why should it matter to you?

Systematically installed cabling matters! Before we onboarded many of our clients to our service, they often started with a mish-mash of mixed-up cable qualities, disarrayed balls of wire, and random connectivity problems. I’ll save discussion on the quality of routers and switches for another article, but it doesn’t matter how great your other equipment is if you don’t have the connections right.

Even for small organizations, the benefits of structured cabling outweighs the cost. Your network will be more secure and robust. The main reason is that you’ll save valuable production time because identifying and solving problems can be done more quickly.

Structured cabling enhances the flow of information over your network so that it can support any future applications without becoming outdated. Professionally installed cabling typically lasts for 15-20 years. Good quality copper cabling is the key to longevity. The cost of installation labor will far outweigh spending a few extra bucks on good cables and connectors!

You also get an enhanced ability to make your network more adaptable. If you need to grow your network or perform ”adds moves and changes to your network,” structured cabling makes sense because it reduces the amount of time it takes to install or relocate any devices you need to have connected.

It doesn’t hurt that something so good for your business can look so good! More cable porn, please!



Greg Fyn
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